How to Come Up with Story Ideas

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Story Ideas – Where to Get Them





One of the main questions that I am asked is,” What should I write about?” Out of all of the questions, writers ask me that is one of the easiest to answer. There are ideas for incredible stories all around us.

Here are some quick resources:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Amazon Best Seller List
  3. Magazines
  4. the News
  5. Youtube videos
  6. Re-purpose public domain content
  7. Put a twist on classic tales Ex. What if Cinderella was the wicked one and she villainized her stepsisters?
  8. Songs
  9. Things your kids did that struck you as funny
  10. A problem that children are facing today. Ex. Bullying and how to deal with it
  11. Remember something that happened to you.
  12. Something that a friend or family member has experience.

You want to take all the sources of content around you and make it uniquely your own.

For example, if there was a news story about a child that saved a dog, you could write a story about it with your own set of characters.


Take 15 minutes and write down every idea for a story that you can think of. You can use any of the resources listed above, including your own imagination. When you are done writing, see which story ideas jump out at you.

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